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FAQ Automation

ChapterGPT enhances FAQ automation by delivering accurate answers to common queries, and improving customer support. Its advanced language processing allows it to interpret and respond to questions swiftly, cutting down response times. This not only saves costs but also frees up human agents for more complex tasks. As it learns from interactions, ChapterGPT ensures FAQs evolve with the latest information, elevating customer satisfaction, and increasing customer stickiness in the long run allowing your team to focus on more important tasks.


Sales Summariser

Maximize your sales efficiency with our sales summariser. Get AI-powered insights and summaries of your opportunities, accounts, contacts, and leads in real-time at your disposal. See the heartbeat of each deal, understand recent activities, and identify key players and next steps, all at a glance. 


Personalised Recommendations

The AI system analyses customer behaviour and preferences to offer personalised product suggestions, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of conversions.


Assessment Generation

Empower your enterprise training with our AI-driven Assessment Generation tool, designed to tailor evaluations to each employee’s learning curve. Experience dynamic testing that adapts in real-time, ensuring a comprehensive understanding across all levels. With a variety of question formats, our tool gauges knowledge and skills efficiently and effectively. Streamline your training assessments with our intelligent solution that offers insightful analytics for optimal learning outcomes. Elevate your enterprise’s educational strategy and drive performance with precision-crafted assessments.

Why ChapterGPT?

Hassle Free Integration


Enterprise-Grade Security

Multilingual Functionality

Anti Hallucination Technology

Quick Deployment

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