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ChapterGPT integrates AI and search capabilities on top of a Knowledge Management System to help you automate your business work flows and front-line

sales force 


Unlike other ChatGPT-like systems that are prone to inaccuracies and hallucinations, ChapterGPT ensures accuracy and reliability with Got IT AI's state-of-the-art CheckGPT anti-hallucination technology


ChapterGPT's natural language processing capabilities enable it to understand complex queries and provide accurate responses in real-time, enhancing sales productivity and customer experience

Who are we

How it works

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Our first step in implementing ChapterGPT in your organization is to understand the specific needs of your organization. Once we identify use cases, we define the scope of the project, including expected outcomes and timeline


Creating an architecture that will enable the system to understand user queries and provide accurate responses. We select the appropriate technology stack, taking into account factors such as security and scalability


Development & Deployment

Feeding the system with data and refining the model to improve accuracy. Integrating ChapterGPT with existing systems, to ensure seamless integration & deployment

How it works

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